Booking to compensate phising victims

Booking rubbished claims that its web security was compromised. The online travel agency refused to say how much will spend in payouts to phishing victims.

Booking is willing to rebuild confidence among its customer base. The online travel agency (OTA) has set about protecting its reputation by giving out payouts to phishing victims. However, the site refused claims that its web security was compromised. Booking execs are adamant that anti-fraud systems worked as expected.

And yet a spokesperson confided that «it has taken Booking some time» to adress a phishing attack. However, fraud victims will be duly compensated, he added.

Speaking to Travelmole, he said: «We will shoulder our responsibility and compensate victims as they deserve». Nevertheless, the spokesman refused to give a final sum.

Meanwhile, the IT titan is positive that no serious security breaches occurred. None the less, Booking has activated an emergency protocol to clear up what happened. «We were victims of a relatively common occurrence in e-commerce.

«Security systems have been stepped up to keep fighting against this kind of criminal activity», the spokesman added.

Phishing is a particularly sophisticated Internet crime. Its masterminds aim at capturing sensitive details of unsuspecting netizens. To this end they disguise their identities to pass off as companies or government officials. Often, phishing offenders try to lure victims by means of an e-mail, instant messaging platforms or even phone calls.

Booking is one of the big corporations targeted by phishers. Its customers received a spoof e-mail claiming that advance payments were needed due to sudden surge in demand. A number of travellers reported the communication and the company was put on alert.

However, an undisclosed number of users made the payment.

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